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Hello. I’ve been gone for some week activities, my apologies.

While staring at my bedroom ceiling at midnight, an idea struck me so grand that I’ve set my mind to work on it the very next day. For this student-choice week, I’m going to reply to my significant other’s confession using this technique I learnt and used during middle school. I don’t recall its name but essentially, instead of drawing lines or adding depth the usual way by shading, I’d replace that with words, sentences and phrases and these strings of letters create a symbol or a picture. …

Artist: Heather Anacker

Media: Fiber, Textiles, Metals, Mixed-Media, Installation


Artist: Krista Feld

Media: Metals, Wood, Textiles, Fiber, Mixed-Media, Installation



Heather Anacker and Krista Feld are a collaborative group who showed their BFA gallery “Dwelling” back in March of 2013 at the CSULB School of Art. Students of similar interests, both artists shared their own creations and tools in the woodworks and weaving talents at the exhibition. “Dwelling” is a reflective and hands-on gallery that showcases the women’s different work spaces, pieces and tools that were used. Another section of the room is their kitchen…

  2. How well did you know your partner before this activity? I’ve only seen my partner’s classmate introduction, other than that it’s all new to me.
  3. How well do you know them now? I’d say I know them a substantial amount now.
  4. Does this seem like a way to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation? It is, almost like getting assigned seat partners in class but more pushed because this is an assignment. It’s a bit less natural but I think it’s still a good and easy method to make new friends.
  5. What is another way you…

Artist: Yoojung Lee

Media: Music, the floor, the mirrors


Instagram: yoojunglee11

For the Artist of the Week’s student choice essay I chose to write about my favourite dancer and choreographer, Yoojung Lee from 1Million Dance Studio. Almost near the age of 30, her passion for dancing started during sophomore year of high school when she watched idols dancing on stage and thought it was really cool and she too wanted to give it a try. A couple months of dance studying led her to 1Million Dance Studio where she has been a family member for the past couple…

This is the continuation of last week’s project and honestly it was a lot more stressful than I anticipated. My original vision was to add the bright colours to contrast the dull and dimming mood of my current sketch piece that illustrated my nightmare of a week. This past days really felt like a healing vacation for my mental health and feelings with my friend finishing up her break and Mama got more lenient with the idea of me backhugging her once in a few hours. When working on the completed version, there was a lot of colour thinking in…

3 AM in the morning and I’m awake again.

It’s been happening for a few days now and childishly enough, it started because my friend left to go on a social break and being the irrational idiot I am, I took that message a lot worse than usual. This was one of my best friends and her absences in my world left a major toll on me, a toll so severe that has kept me up all night until my mind is mentally exhausted enough to let it go. …

Artist: Micol Hebron

Media: Interdisciplinary Artist, Photographer, Professor


Instagram: unicornkiller1

Artist: Joseph Delappe

Media: Sculptor, Painter, Interdisciplinary Artist, Professor, Author

Website: Joseph DeLappe: Main

Instagram: josephdelappe

There are many types of artists in the world and the interest of most would, of course, interlap with one another. But their views are very similar and that is to showcase their opinions and thoughts to the world in their own creative ways. Micol Hebron is a professor at Chapman University and often works with collaborative projects, rather than fabrication of things. An outspoken artist, Micol utilizes humor to introduce new…

Place is a very significant factor in our lives from our hobbies, fields of career to possible interests. Having taken Human Geography during my high school years there are types of scenarios involving place; environmental determinism and possibilism. The first states where and how you grow up dictates your adulthood while the latter claims it doesn’t matter where you come from, you’re still going to achieve greatness because you have it from within. Realistically speaking, though, I have to agree with the former because your current place of residence truly does mold a lot of things about yourself. The people…

Aiden Vo

Just a really bewildered college freshman uploading his assignments, nothing to see here.

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