Week 5 — Photography I — Documenting Place

Wake up in the morning and I get to see these squishies waiting to be hugged. Paloma and Cati are usually there but I took Cookies the Pink Flamingo upstairs for this camera shot since she’s usually stationed downstairs as my class-cuddling buddy. I love the Pikachu franchise, so that’s above my head every time I lay down.
Why are these pictures converted so weird? They’re both portrait images T-T. This is another side of my bed where my graduation picture and motivational quote is hung by my Papa. But the main event of this picture are all the stuffies I have and that’s not even half of them. There’s more. But I’m sparing you from the rest, so you’re welcome.
Here is a picture of my new phone (OnePlus 7T) taken from my old phone (Samsung J7 Prime). Followed by a picture of my old phone (Samsung J7 Prime) taken from my new phone (OnePlus7T) and lastly, a picture of me (Aiden Vo) taken from my old phone. Messy but clean is oddly my favourite fashion to wear.
These are my favourite headset and listening device in general; it connects to both my laptop and phone via USB-C and is what I always use while attending classes. This is the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless I don’t think I can live without it nowadays.
Homework or quiz time rolls around and I’m reminded that I’m terrible at coping with stress. To cope with my anger issues and ADHD, I recently got this 12-sided fidget cube and honestly I can’t tell if it’s been subconsciously calming me down or I’m just under a placebo affect. We’ll have to have another anxiety-inducing quiz for me to find out.
I’m terrible at cooking useful foods, but I do like to experiment with my taste buds though I do fail often. About two times a week I go into the kitchen and cooks a dish with Mama. I was stressed crap-less in there all the time, but hanging out with Mama is always fun. These fries came out fine; she was crunchy and tasted like french fries. It’s a win for me.
Huhu, it’s GAMING TIME MY DUDES and I’m not much of a gamer, so I’ve only been playing COD. These are my proudest moments in playing the game so far- let me explain: I was terrible at putting up the shield function so there was this whole week dedicated to me just trying to work with the shield. I perfected it so beautifully, I stopped playing to screenshot the moment. The second image is me being proud at my Sentry Gun for getting the Killcam. (A/N: I’m sounding so much like a loner) I find joy in the most simple things, haha. And the last one is me getting a higher score than my friends for once in this Hardcore Mode. I kept accidentally killing my own ally so in turn, they killed me to keep the score even. Fun times.
Last but not least; my flag- that I haven’t hung up yet because I don’t have space for it so instead I just held it up and took a closeup of it. I got it back in June, 2020 and for the last zoom calls of high school, I wore it as a cape around my shoulders. It felt homey :D




Just a really bewildered college freshman uploading his assignments, nothing to see here.

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Aiden Vo

Aiden Vo

Just a really bewildered college freshman uploading his assignments, nothing to see here.

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