Week 3 — Art Activity — Drawing

2 Drinks (One’s a can and the other one’s my favourite drinking cup), 2 tree/plant/flower found around the house
2 Persons (First one is my hand holding the cup while attempting contouring, it isn’t one smooth line and it was half-blind, and the 2nd’s a self portrait)

Ending Questions:

  1. Was it fun? Frustrating? Do you like to draw? Will you ever try again?

It’s fun to draw, admittedly and yes I will try this again as an assignment ’cause I can’t see my lazy buttocks drawing them in my own free time. My only frustrating moment was having to shade all the leaves on the 1st plant and honestly I didn’t give it more details than I should’ve.

  1. Do you think if you practiced for 100 hours, or 1,000, that you would get a lot better?

I definitely think I’ll get a lot better if I practice more considering how I learnt how to hold the pencil better for the shading of the second plant on my fourth-or-so leaf.

  1. What is your major? Can you think of ways that simple sketching could be useful in your major?

My major is Aerospace Engineering and off the bat, I know I’ll have to draw parts relating to an airplane or the engines of an airplane. Simple sketching can help layout where objects can go and act as the demo for the placement of things in my major path.

  1. Is Drawing a Language? Can we say things with drawings that are hard to say with words?

Drawing, in my opinion, is a language. It is a visual language, like sign language and just body gestures in the most general of forms. We have different words and ideas of a word when verbally spoken but if drawn out, you wouldn’t be able to confuse a french fry for a piece of chip in the UK would you? A large percentage of the human existence on this planet are visual learners so really, drawing is an advantage in many ways because it’s not only a conversational language but a language of the arts.



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