Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

For this week’s activity, I was mostly stumped for the majority of the time I had just thinking about it. Questions like “what do you like? What mediums do you have? What can you make?” were relatively simple to answer but at the same time felt impenetrable for one. I noticed my field of thinking was quite narrow and when I wondered about the broadest of my interests, one topic came to mind; I’m gonna use my phone as the center piece again.

This is the first phone I’ve used ever since stepping into the world of mobile devices and designs, and I’m always using it as the comparison to other newly released phones for better understanding. In an odd way, it’s my first love but in relations to phone, I suppose. My idea is to open my phone and create its model (the individual pieces) into layers.

My first and most basic media choice is simply to draw it out, my second is to make a 3-d model with foam and my third is to create a gif of the different parts from paper. Out of these 3 choices, I went with the gif option.

I chose this because it was the closest to my visionary idea; though I at first didn’t want the gif but rather have each parts be held up by toothpicks to show the different layers. That prototype was scrapped because I realized my pieces didn’t have as much layers as anticipated and were spaced out so I’d need quite a few toothpicks for it to work well. In comparison to the gif, the foam choice would have better measurements and elevates the 3-d theme while the drawing choice would have better details but looked more plain and less intermedia-y.

While typing this out I also realized I thought this week’s activity is Multimedia but it’s Intermedia. This artwork of mine was not that personal nor did it showcase something I felt strongly about, I just wanted to look at some neat specifications I really like about my phone. ( ̄ー ̄;

I like what I’ve done, it’s simple and informative. Though only after putting it together do I remember one of the most important specification to the phone is its processor and it’s not written on the paper phone. Since it’s missing, I’ll just shout out that it’s the SnaPDraGON 855+

I also can’t tell which camera is which so I’m simply guessing that the middle should be the regular best quality.

I learnt a bit more about my phone and I didn’t ruin it by opening it up since the whole thing was so air-tight sealed, therefore instead I found videos of people tearing the phone down.

Just a really bewildered college freshman uploading his assignments, nothing to see here.