Week 7 — Art Activity — Collabor-8

The other members of Group 10: Gabriel Luna, Joel Yarde, MaryJayne Arce

I live in a dimension between the virtual and reality world. Where work and jobs are based on my daily life and everything computer monitored 24/7. And what’s my specific job? Oddly enough, it’s to mine for this crystal in a game and get back before sundown. Apparently the computer government has trouble tracking this specific item’s code so it has become an easy money maker for students like me who can only work part time. On weekdays the price of finding the crystal is valued at $50, but not weekends. No, no. On weekends, the computer government tries to get as many gamers on as possible so the value of the crystals found on Saturday and Sunday were doubled!

Honestly, this side job has helped me become an early bird to get a head start in the journey as well as using some brain power from all those riddles and bosses I go up against. This Saturday I woke up at 8 sharp and had a quick breakfast of donuts before hopping onto my PlayStation where the game was located. As I load onto the game, I grab my trusty side kick Flamango and registered her onto the loaded data as well. I uh… gave her some flamin’ crocs as an accessory but then I couldn’t remember how to unequip it so that’s staying with her.

As the game starts loading up and sending me to the default starting point, I hop into one of the provided choices of transportation and drove to the destination known as Mingyun Village. The caves of the village have an abundance in this crystal but without permission of the three coloured tribes, travelers are not blessed to see it. There are always 3 coordinating colours that respond to one another and each day has a different set but it was given as a hint that Saturday’s colour was pink. I found it quite easily when I got to the location and quickly engage in a conversation with the pink sage, Ghost.

“You’re looking quite pale today.” I notice quite off the bat to which Ghost agreed in a solemn nod before pointing westward.

“Today’s game hurries us along. You must find the green one before the imposter gets to him.” This has happened to me only once before so I was quite confused and wanted to ask for a better explanation, but one glance at the pink sage and it was already whizzing past the walls. In hurried steps, I travel a few kilometers westward to where the green tribe normally inhabits. The sun has been high in the air and with my current accomplishments I’m starting to doubt my chances to getting back with a reward at all.

Standing by an administrator map with a “caution wet floor” sign on his head was Victim and he seemed to be thinking hard. He notices Flamango’s fire crocs and welcomes us in, “Answer this riddle for even I don’t know who the next sage to your treasure is; Pink was found dead in Cafeteria. Orange claims it was in Medbay while Blue claims it was in Shields. Who is the imposter?”


“Are you certain?”

“Yes, there’s a vent above Shields that leads to Cafeteria.”

“And what of Orange?”

“Vents there go to Security and Electrical, so it couldn’t have.”

“I see. But can you be trusted…”

“I’m not even in the game.”

“Oh. That is true. Alright then, hurry along towards Orange to the north of the map. Going towards Blue can get your head off. Good luck on your journey.” So off I traveled a couple kilometers up north to the orange sage.

Orange seems to be in a happy mood when I arrive and opened a feast before I can decline, congratulating on finally winning against the imposter for once and not having to die in the first two rounds. I told Orange it was getting late and I need to get on my way so Orange sulked and pointed to the third cave from its adobe. As the sun starts setting towards the West, I quickly venture into the cave, pick up the crystal into my bag, before racing out into my cart and back to the starting point. A glance at the clock made me realize sundown has happened a while ago and the thought of having done all this for nothing was turning my mind into a panic warzone. Before I can get to the merchant the game abruptly loads me off screen and more panic ensues. Coming back to my world, I checked my bag and in my surprise the crystal has been accepted and traded for its weekend value.

Heaving a sigh of relief, I went to eat dinner and enjoy the rest of my day. Usually finding crystals and looking for the sages don’t usually take this long, I believe it’s a glitch in the game that hasn’t been fixed by the developers yet. But I’m glad there was that mini sundown glitch today or else the only thing coming out of my day was a little fantasy story posted to Medium.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.