Wk 1 — Art Activity — Zines

Ending Questions:

  1. What were you going for in your zine? I was going for something simple and trivial but also useful for my audience, hence why these facts relate on level to this Arts course. I find it a really easy way for my peers to get to know me.
  2. How successful do you think you were? I’m honestly satisfied with my creation, well maybe not some of the #’s that looked really terrible, but I liked my flow and my little symbol guy.
  3. What would you do differently next time? I would definitely plan more next time, maybe think of a better format or illustration to better fit the pieces together.
  4. Can you think of an idea for another zine you might like to make. My second idea for the zines were just a bunch of “Favourites” regarding the arts world like composition, musician, artist, director, songs, etc.



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