Wk 15 — Art Activity— Choice

Hello. I’ve been gone for some week activities, my apologies.

While staring at my bedroom ceiling at midnight, an idea struck me so grand that I’ve set my mind to work on it the very next day. For this student-choice week, I’m going to reply to my significant other’s confession using this technique I learnt and used during middle school. I don’t recall its name but essentially, instead of drawing lines or adding depth the usual way by shading, I’d replace that with words, sentences and phrases and these strings of letters create a symbol or a picture. As for the picture of my message, I picked my favourite photo of my s/o and drew over the screen onto the piece of paper because I am nowhere good an artist.

It turned out really well, thanks to the combination of white-out and scanning that helps differentiate the difference between the words and blank spots even more. If you don’t look at it closely, you won’t see my mess ups here and there, but there’s quite a few scattered around- like those eyes, cries, I can’t do it, I’m sorry Sayu I made you look ugly. The words used for the hair has the message, for everything else it’s just random thoughts I had that seemed fitting. I purposely wrote the words that small so to viewers it looks more like an art than a confession, but if you wanna magnify and try to decipher it, suit yourself.

If I did this again, I’d make it look less not pretty and maybe add more significance to it here and there. Perhaps add colour- actually, no, this art is beautiful I like it. Monochrome is so pretty.