Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

This is the continuation of last week’s project and honestly it was a lot more stressful than I anticipated. My original vision was to add the bright colours to contrast the dull and dimming mood of my current sketch piece that illustrated my nightmare of a week. This past days really felt like a healing vacation for my mental health and feelings with my friend finishing up her break and Mama got more lenient with the idea of me backhugging her once in a few hours. When working on the completed version, there was a lot of colour thinking in my mind and white out tape to cover the ugly parts which changed quite a few components to my drawing like the use of a second mini paper and addition symbols. Looking at it, I still feel the drawing a bit lacking because of the amount of empty space it contains so perhaps a half-success is what I’ll give it.

With the compromises I think my project got stronger, it’s more creative and colourful. I had the idea of compare-and-contrasting between my terrible week and better week, and I think this version helps highlight that improvement in life through my usage of colour symbolisms; red for love and energy, orange for health, blue for calmness and trust, pink for compassion. However, these empowering colours can also have negative counterparts like danger for red, ignorance for orange, fear for blue and gloom for grey. These negative moods were used for my dreams. Unlike pencil, markers and pens are permanent hence why most parts of my dreams are acknowledged but others aren’t because they were mainly just part of my imagination. The band aid on my person’s face covers the overlapped white out tape and symbolizes a wound I’ve received but will recover from.

If I did this project again I know I’ll definitely not be creating such a night since it won’t have the qualities I had in mind while experiencing it. I would’ve perhaps gone virtual onto gaming platforms instead. Drawing isn’t my strong point.

Just a really bewildered college freshman uploading his assignments, nothing to see here.